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  Our debut started since 2010 as paralegals in the large distribution network, at that time we were third year students at department of International law, faculty of International Relations of Belarusian State University. Since then we planned to run private practice to help clients and partners solving their problems and legal issues by providing best advices and solutions especially related to law business and practices

   We start our private practice after Maria get certificated by Ministry of Justice Republic of Belarus and obtained the license for legal practice in October 2013. Also in February, 2016 Maria became a lawyer of the Minsk Regional Bar Association.

   Valentina has long time working experience in  large transport & logistics companies which offices located in various jurisdictions. Valentina is an experienced legal officer in transport, she handled court cases in international shipments on the territory of Belarus and Russian. She has the license for legal practice since 2016.

   Our Partners and Clients are large and medium-sized enterprises producing different products and services, i.e. meat products, furnitures, high-tech equipments, construction materials, transport and logistics companies and various projects. We also have experiences to support IT companies for five years.

   Partners and Clients offices located in various jurisdiction area. Also we provide services for global companies representatives in Belarus, trading companies with extensive tax which need to comply with foreign law practices, transport companies and IT projects (online shopping, online-courses, etc.) and freelancers which need legal advices and supports.

   We offer end-to-end legal services and single-stop consultations on turnkey basis.

   Our Clients trust is our priority and we will provide our best advices and recommendation to our clients.

   Valentina and Maria Ivankova


Associates and advocates


russian, english

+375 29 89 67 075

skype: v.ivankova1


Attorney at law

russian, english


skype: m.ivankova2




Phone:  +37529 89 67 079

               +37529 89 67 075

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